Introductory Flight

Saudi Aviation Club provides a introductory flight on one of our single-engine airplanes, which can accommodate a maximum of three passengers for 20 breathtaking minutes Inside the airspace of Thumamah Airport. Tour flights give the pleasure of sitting in the cabin and exploring the control systems, which give a different and distinct feeling.

The passengers from an altitude of 3000 feet will have an outstanding view of the amazing mountains and their steep terrain, valleys along the golden sand dunes, Tuwaiq mountains, and take souvenir photos of this enjoyable journey.

Climb aboard and soar through the air for a truly unique and unforgettable desert flying experience.



Aircraft Hangars

SAC provides aircraft hangars for members to hold all types of aircrafts: gyrocopters, light sports aircraft, and other various types of aircraft. It also guarantees the security and safety of aircrafts and their ancillary equipment.

Towing the aircraft from and to the Hangar as well as the possibility of parking the aircraft on the outer apron are available at very competitive